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Welcome to our website! More Frosting Please! is a family owned business in Plymouth, WI. We not only offer a storefront shop where you can come in to purchase desserts, but we also offer classes as well as create special order cupcakes, cookies, peanut squares, cakes and more. 

From exquisitely tiered wedding cakes with intricate floral designs to baby-shower cakes decorated with delicate hues of pink or blue to birthday cakes stylized with dazzling designs-every cake that we make tastes as good as it looks. Every special occasion is an occasion for delicious cake!

Celebrating a special event with a delicious cake is the best way to create sweet memories. Using personalized cake designing, we bake and decorate a cake that reflects your personal taste. Delicious flavors, frosting tinted to any color, and personalized cake decorating ensures our customer’s satisfaction each and every time.

Choose from a wide assortment of custom cake flavors and frosting for a one-of-a-kind delight that provides your guest of honor with a memorable event. With a goal of making every special occasion sweeter one slice at a time, we give new meaning to the word scrumptious making every cake fresh from the finest ingredients. 

Please feel free to browse through our large selection of flavors and fillings at the tab above. If you can’t seem to find the design that you’re looking for, it’s only because we haven’t created it yet! At More Frosting Please, we love the challenge of creating a custom wedding or specialty cake to fit your style and taste. Allow our creative staff to customize a cake for your special event. Or, if you see a cake on another website, please email the website or picture to us and we will work with you to make your vision come true. Be sure to honor copyrighted photos by crediting the creator as well.

About Us

Full service Sweet Shoppe

From mini cupcakes to gorgeous wedding cakes, we can bring dessert to all of your events!

Come visit our New Store Front!

This February we moved to a great new location! We have a drive up store front; no stairs; room for our Vendors to offer you many wonderful homemade items to shop!

We work hard so you don't have to.

 Whether your cake needs involve just a few cupcakes for a more intimate celebration-or a wedding cake to feed 1,000 guests-More Frosting Please is ready and available to bring the smiles to your party!

Birthdays, anniversaries, school or work name it-More Frosting Please can more than accommodate!

In 2014 we provided the SIX FOOT LONG cake, replicating some of the historic buildings on Sheboygan's 8th Street for the Benjamin Moore Main Street Matters event!

In 2015, More Frosting Please was one of a select few businesses featured on the MPTV show, 'Around the Corner with John McGivern' Plymouth edition!

There is always something exciting going on around here!

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Flavors and Fillings


Flavors of deliciousness:

* French Vanilla

* Yellow 

* Chocolate 

* Chocolate and White Marble  

* Light Chocolate 
* Dark Chocolate 

* Chocolate Chip (white cake) 
* Chocolate Mint 
* Red Velvet 

* White or Lemon Poppy Seed 

* Lemon 
* Confetti

* Strawberry Cake 

* Carrot 

WE DO NOT DO ANY FONDANT!  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Icings Offered:

Buttercream (Typical Wedding Cake Icing)

Whipped Icing (Not as sweet, more light and fluffy)

Cream Cheese 

Fillings offer a great addition to any ordinary cake.  The fruit not only enhances the flavors, but also pleases a wider variety of your guests!  Cakes filled with additional icings or fudge can add another blast of flavor as well!

Fillings offered:

(Fresh Fruit does incur an additional charge of $3-6.00)




bavarian creme


lemon chiffon

orange dreamsicle

peanut butter 

...and most anything else you can dream up!

Serving Sizes

 Different Occasions call for different size slices.  A cake for a child's birthday party will inevitably be sliced into smaller pieces.  A gathering for your groomsmen to celebrate the upcoming nuptials will inevitably be sliced into larger pieces.  Working together on the design; occasion; and flavoring will lead to a successful event!

Typical Sizing:

Mini cupcake-serves 1 child

Standard cupcake-serves 1 adult

Jumbo cupcake-serves 1-2 adults

8" Double layer round cake serves a minimum of 12

10"  Double layer round cake serves a minimum of 20

12"  Double layer round cake serves a minimum of 35

14"  Double layer round cake serves a minimum of 50

Round cakes are to be cut differently than the typical 'pizza' cut:  with round cakes you should cut in a circle shape about 2 inches in from the edge, then cut slices out of that. Then another circle inside of that and so on.

1/4 sheet Serves 15-20

1/2 sheet Serves 35-40

3/4 sheet Serves 50-75

FULL sheet Serves up to 90

(All sheet cakes can be done as a double layer as well, doubling each cakes serving amounts)

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours:  Wednesdays 10am-5pm; Thursday & Friday 10am-4pm; Saturday 10am-3pm.

More Frosting Please! Sweet Shoppe

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